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Canadian Wildland Fire Map For Today
Low Low
Moderate Moderate
High High
Very High Very High
Extreme Extreme
Season-to-date buffered hotspots (> 1000 Ha) Season-to-date buffered hotspots (> 1000 Ha)
Hotspots for the last 24 hours Hotspots for the last 24 hours
0 to 100 Ha 0 to 100 Ha
101 to 1000 Ha 101 to 1000 Ha
> 1000 Ha > 1000 Ha
Season-to-date Hotspots Season-to-date Hotspots
48 hour forecast 48 hour forecast
Government of Canada Government of Canada
Provincial Provincial
US National Weather Service US National Weather Service
Upper air station Upper air station
NFDB Fire Perimeters
1980 1980
2016 2018
Date Modified: June 6, 2020

Disclaimer: The information, maps and data services available through the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System are approximations based on available data, and may not show the most current fire situation. For additional maps and information on the current conditions, please visit the fire management agency website for your region of interest (province, territory or park).


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